Randall Made Knives are the most famous knives in the world. I try to keep a steady stock of Randall's on hand so you don't have to wait 5+ years to get one. My prices are firm and non-negotiable. Lowball offers will be ignored.  All Randall Made Knives are new and in the original butcher paper packaging unless otherwise noted. There will be no surprises when you buy a Randall Knife from me.
Seven pages of the site are dedicated to Randall Made Knives.  The Pre-Owned page contains knives from my personal collection as well as knives taken in on trade.  They may have been used or simply displayed.  A complete detailing of the condition is in the description.

There are six pages of Bob Dozier Knives.  If you have never owned a Bob Dozier knife, it is high time you do.  He uses D2 steel and truly has a mythical heat treat that makes these knives out cut anything else in the deer camp.  Truly amazing!! I have several of my own that always accompany me on my trips to the woods or farm. 

As an official James Behring dealer, I will strive to maintain a robust supply of their great knives.  Each knife is truly one of a kind.  I price them fairly and stand behind each knife, just as Behring Made Knives does.  They offer two different categories of knives.  The first being "Behring Handmade" and the second being "Behring Technical".  The later incorporate CNC machining and are more of a Mid-Tech knife. 

Man Gear is an official Loveless Knives dealer.  These knives are brand new knives, made in the same shop, by the same man who was making them when Bob was still alive.  Jim Merritt is an amazing maker and does all of the knife and sheath work, with some help from Bob's nephew.  I have had several "know-it-alls" contact me and tell me that these are not "real" Loveless knives.  They are sadly mistaken and are simply trying to artificially boost the value of their own collection.  They are the same people who troll around at shows spouting the same line of BS.  Watch out for them.  I don't even read emails from those folks because I delete them so quickly.  

All knives on these pages are available for immediate sale.  Simply click on theand then choose your payment option.  All credit cards are processed through PayPal.  It is actually not necessary to have PayPal, they are a very handy Credit Card processor as well.  

Shipping is FREE in the USA and USA only.  If you did not see your country mentioned, I don't ship to you (I'm talking to you Canada).  I use USPS Priority Mail exclusively. You will receive an email from PayPal with tracking information when it is shipped. Depending on the time of your order, it could ship the same day.

There are lots of pictures included with each description so you get to see exactly what it is you will receive.  All the images can be enlarged!!  

If you would like to sell a single Randall Made Knife or Behring Knife or Loveless Knife or your entire collection, the best thing to do that is to take a couple photos of what you have and send them to me. I will reply to you regardless of whether or not I am interested.